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Running while pregnant
When pregnancy is non-pathological, and the mother-to-be is not overwhelmed with fatigue, why not run? Read this article to know how you should run while pregnant.

Tips for women with amenorrhea
Approximately 20% of physical active women are unhealthy to the point they stop having regular menstrual periods. This condition is called amenorrhea.

Fitness & Bone Health: The Skeletal Risk of Overtraining
Are you exercising too much? Eating too little? Have your periods become irregular or stopped? If so, you may be putting yourself at high risk for several serious health problems that could affect your health.

Running safety tips for woman
Are you a safety-minded runner? Do you take responsibility for your own safety and well-being? Do you run defensively? Check this safety precautions.

Menopausal Hormone Use
Questions and answers about menopausal hormone use

Exercise and Bone Health
Physical activity is an essential factor in bone health. The skeletal benefits of exercise have been demonstrated throughout the life cycle. 

Questions and Answers about Physical Activity for Women
Answers for some common questions about physical activity for women.

Articles for girls:
Fitness for life I Body Image

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