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Eating for Peak Performance
Nutrition plays a critical role in athletic performance, but many active people do not eat a diet that helps them do their best. Without a basic understanding of nutrition, popping a pill seems easier than planning a menu.

Are We Eating Healthy?
Are we eating healthy? And what does healthy mean? Well I think it depends upon who we talk to, or what expert we're listening to. We've heard about many different diets, and there have been many controversies over the health effects of these diets. So, what is healthy eating?

The Food Guide Pyramid
It can be your guide for a healthier nutrition. The Food Guide Pyramid was developed by the US Department of Agriculture and gives you easy orientation to make your menu.

Eating for a Healthy Heart 
You can lower your chances of getting heart disease by choosing foods carefully.

Herbs for runners?
Now that herbs and other natural remedies have gone mainstream and are no longer the sole domain of health food purists, which are the most popular and what do they do for you?

Herbal Supplements: Consider Safety, Too
This fact sheet contains points you should consider for your safety if you use, or are thinking about using, herbs for health purposes.

Fruits and Veggies: Are you getting enough of a good thing?
You've probably been hearing it since grade school: Eat your fruits and vegetables and you'll be healthy.

Get to Know Grains:
The Foundation of Good Nutrition

The food guide pyramid shows that you need generous amounts of these foods each day to maintain health and prevent disease.

Fat for runners?
We should avoid fat, shouldn't we? Well... Not exactly. In this article you can find why various kinds of fat are so important for the health.

The glycemic index
What to eat before and after the workouts? The glycemic index can be a great guide to answer this question.

So, why is Broccoli so healthy?
Broccoli is one of the most popular anti-cancer foods around. Fortunately, it's the most popular of the cruciferous vegetables because it really is one of the most healthiest foods we can eat.

Carbohydrate Unloading: a Reality Check
A high-carbohydrate diet makes you fat and hurts your athletic performance. Sounds hard to believe? It is--yet it's the premise of several carbohydrate-bashing diet books currently on the market. This article will check the reality.

Eat & Drink for Distance Running Performance
Eating and drinking tips to perform better as a runner.

Iron for runners
Iron is vital to running performance and many runners do not monitor their levels.

Food composition tables:
Table of calories of the foods
Table of cholesterol of the foods
Table of fat of the foods

Fat facts 
There is a lot of misinformation about how our bodies store and lose fat, and when our muscles use fat to produce energy.
List of Diets:
Atkins Diet
South Beach Diet
Macrobiotic Diet
Paleolithic Diet

Vegetarian Diet or Vegetarism
Fruitarian diet or Fructarianism

Related Questions:
How can I make a good glycogen store before the marathon?
How should we eat and drink before, during and after the long run?

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