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Rice method - Injuries treatment
I got injured! What can I do? Of course we should always take the steps to avoid the injuries. But they can happen. And when they happen, you can take advantage of a home treatment known as RICE method.

Shin Splints, Compartment Syndrome & Stress Fracture of the shin bone (tibia)  
Shin splints are the typical first injury to walkers and runners... due to too much walking or running too soon.

Reducing Shock to Prevent Running Injuries  
How to minimize the amount of shock your body absorb to prevent injuries.

Cross-training to prevent injury and improve technique
Some types of cross training can enhance your running performance by improving muscle balance and technique.

Common foot injuries & cures
You probably take them for granted, but a healthy pair of feet are a runner's best friend. After all, your feet hit the ground 1,500 times per mile. With each stride, they absorb a force several times your body weight. 

Other Common foot ailments:
Burning Feet
Sweaty Feet
Foot Odor
Corns & Calluses
Toenail Problems
Plantars Warts
Flat Feet

Listen to your body  
Listening to your body does not imply a lack of toughness, but a willingness to find your true physical limits.

Running and its Impact!
Running has a good impact over your health, but unfortunately it also places great stress on our joints and soft tissues.

Knee injuries: Chondromalacia and Iliotibial Band Syndrome (I-T)
This article is about the two most common knee injuries: chondromalacia, also know as runners knee, and iliotibial band syndrome.

Nine-week water running plan to stay in shape while injured  
A safely and comprehensive nine-week water running schedule to stay in shape.

Why do runners get stress fractures?
Running causes more stress fractures than any other sport because we land with forces of 4 to 6 times bodyweight.

Retuning to running after stress fracture or other major injury  
Letís investigate how to get back into training after an injury. This article includes a seven week schedule for returning from injury

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