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The Anti-Aging Magic of Regular Strength Training!
The average 25 year old woman has 25% body fat, and the average 65 year old woman has 43% body fat. Men are not excluded from this! How does this happen?

Exercise and our hormones!
Still need a reason to exercise? Well here's an anti-aging reason: exercise has been shown to elicit certain hormonal responses which is especially beneficial to us " Baby Boomers"! 

Chronobiology for runners
Just when you thought you had your training schedule figured out, along then comes chronobiology. You are probably asking, "What the heck is that and why do I care?". Read this article to know.

Chocolate and exercise share a key ingredient
Chocolate and exercise have something in common! Both are antidepressant and improve your mood. Read this article to know more.

Running and pollution 
Strategies for dealing with pollution and for avoid it.

Benefits of physical activity and health
People of all ages who are generally inactive can improve their health and well-being by becoming active.

Questions and Answers about Arthritis and Exercise
This article answers the general questions about arthritis and exercise.

Tips for HIV-positive runners
People with Aids have a few more factors to consider when conditioning themselves for a marathon. For some, it may get tricky. Medicine doses need to fit into your training and eating schedule.

Sweet Dreams for Runners
Learn how to improve your sleep patterns, what will make you healthier and a better runner.

Stretching for runners
Some suggestions for static stretching. You should stretch softly and never feel pain.
Related Question: Should I stretch before running or only after?

Effects of Running on Immune System
Read this article to find out if the hard training put the runners
at risk of getting sick.

The Dangers of Dehydration  
Running in the heat can quickly lead to dehydration, which ranks up there with dobermans among runners' worst enemies.

Miracle Health Claims
To avoid becoming victims of health fraud, it's important to learn how to assess health claims.

The Truth About Impotence Treatment Claims
Recent advances in treating impotence have opened the floodgates for bogus remedies.

Young at Heart - Tips for older adults
This article offers tips and tools to help people aged 65 and over eat well and get active.

EPO : illegal, effective, and deadly  
What is EPO and why it is dangerous and can be deadly.

Avoiding the Muscle Hustle: Tips for Buying Exercise Equipment
Some tips for evaluate advertising claims for fitness products.

Questions & answers about mesothelioma , a rare form of cancer. 

Eating for a Healthy Heart 
You can lower your chances of getting heart disease by choosing foods carefully.

Anemia - Macrocytic , Microcytic , Normocytic
General information about anemia,
a lack of red blood cells and/or hemoglobin.

What is your running age?  
Have you ever wondered why some runners pay little heed to the calendar as the years pass by while others seem to run into a brick wall?

Safety on the run
Are you a safety-minded runner? Do you take responsibility for your own safety and well-being? Do you run defensively?

Mother Nature and Father Time  
Understand the physiological changes that happens with age and how it affects your running performance.

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