The Glycemic Index


What to eat before and after the workout? The glycemic index can be a great guide to answer this question. This index is a numerical system of measuring how fast a carbohydrate triggers a rise in circulating blood sugar -- the higher the number, the greater the blood sugar response. So a low G.I. food will cause a small rise, while a high G.I. food will trigger a dramatic spike.

And how can the glycemic index help runners to choose what foods eat after and before the training? 

Before the training you should choose low G.I. foods because they provide energy for a long period of time. After the training, go for high G.I. foods that will give you energy quickly to recover from the workout.

See below some G.I. foods list. To get the complete list, visit: 

Table -  Glycemic Index (glucose=100):

Low G.I. foods GI moderated G.I. foods GI High G.I. foods GI
Peanut 15 Peach, fresh 42 Pizza, cheese 60 
Soy 18 Orange 44 Ice cream 61 
Cherries 22 Macaroni 45  Raisins 64 
Lentils 29 Rice, instant, boiled 1 min 46 Beets 64 
Black beans 30 Grapes 46  Black bean soup  64 
Apricots, dried 31 Rice, parboiled 48 Pineapple 66 
Fettuccine 32 Tortellini, cheese 50 Gnocchi 67 
Yogurt 36 Yam 51  Croissant  67 
Spaghetti, boiled 5 min 36 Kiwi  53  Potato mashed 70 
Pear, fresh 37 Banana  54 Wheat bread, white 71 
Apple 38 Popcorn 55 Watermelon 72 
Tomato Soup 38 Mango 56  Pumpkin 75 
Carrots, cooked 39 Apricots, fresh 57  Waffles 76 
Ravioli, durum, meat filled 39 Rice, white 58  Corn flakes  83

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