Running courses - Paris

I stay at the Sofitel, Balard. From the hotel, run towards the Balard metro then turn right. When you get to the Seine, go down to the riverside. You can run all the way along the river to the Eiffel Tower, up the stairs and under the tower, through the park to the Ecole Militaire and back again. A nice run mostly away from traffic (a few trucks for a few hundred meters) about 11 km long

Are you a fan of "The three Musketeers"? Then run in and around the Luxembourg park and find the places where they used to live (according to Dumas, of course). D'Artagnan lived in Rue de Fossoyeurs (now Rue Servandoni), just two steps away from the Luxembourg park. Athos lived in the Rue Ferou, right next to the Rue Servandoni. Aramis? Look for the Rue Vaugirard. It's not hard to find: it's the longest one in Paris. As for Porthos, his "magnificent" apartment was in the Rue du Vieux Colombier. M. de Treville lived at the corner between Rue de Vaugirard, rue de Conde and rue de Tournon .  

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