Running courses - Monterrey, California

The best place to run is the bicycle path that runs along the southern coast of Monterey Bay. It is primarily flat, paved, and generally only crowded on weekends. 

From the former main entrance to Fort Ord, heading north, the bicycle path continues for about 3 miles before it ends abruptly in Marina. The bicycle path runs alongside Route 1 (the main route in the area) and the ocean views are limited due to large sand dunes. Once the bicycle path ends, you can continue on low traffic backroads to Castroville and Salinas. 

From the former main entrance of Fort Ord, heading south, the bicycle path continues for about a half mile before it dumps you out on the street in Seaside. The street can be very highly trafficked at times. After negotiating the section in Seaside, the bike path resumes when you enter Monterey. This section takes you through the edge of the downtown area and Cannery Row. Once you get beyond Cannery Row and into Pacific Grove, you will have continual gorgeous ocean views for the next couple of miles.

 There are also several wonderful parks in the area that are great for trail running (if you don't mind a few hills). And if all else fails, there are plenty of low trafficked roads in the area, and the roads in and around the old Fort Ord offer numerous possibilities.

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