Running courses - Cairo

Best to run early in the morning (before 7:00 am) to avoid the car exhaust, bad drivers, crowds, heat, dust, etc. etc. Along the Nile is nice in certain parts, but the best place is in Zamalek around the Gezira Club (the large green space in the middle of the island). Possible to see other runners early in the morning. Other times you can pay LE 10 to enter the Gezira Club and run around the horse track. In the afternoon pollution gets worse and traffic is a nightmare: avoid running on the streets at that time, and even in the Gezira Club the air is awful!! For your information: the Hash House Harriers meet out of town every Friday and run in fresh air in the desert. Highly recommended!! Contacts can be found in the monthly magazines "Egypt Today" or "Egypt Sports and Fitness".

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