Sweaty Feet


Excessive perspiration on the sole of the foot and between the toes (hyperhydrosis) is a common problem. In some cases it is related to mental stress and nervousness, especially in adolescents and young adults. Systemic diseases such as anemia and hyperthyroidism may be associated with hyperhydrosis. T

The excessive perspiration may be improved by:

  • Foot soaks in warm water

  • Wearing absorbent socks or hose (eg. cotton or wool)

  • Avoid synthetics such as nylon and orlon

  • Changing socks or hose a few times during the day

  • Wear leather shoes; avoid those made of synthetics

  • Apply an antiperspirant preparation containing 15 - 25% aluminum chloride

  • Use an absorbent foot powder

Stubborn cases may be treated by your podiatrist with prescription medications. Substances that contain or convert into nontoxic doses of formaldehyde are often employed.


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