Running Shoes

Running shoes categories
Because there are different shapes of feet and amounts of foot motion, the shoe companies develop shoes that do different things.

Running shoes tips
Useful tips to make your running shoes last longer and stay way from injuries and other problems.

History of the athletic shoes
The resurgence in running brought about by the English in the 18th century meant the development of a light weight shoe which could grip the ground.

Importance of wearing the right sock
When selecting the right equipment for running, socks are usually an overlooked item.

Interactive shoes
A human/computer interface for the foot that is placed on a pair of running shoes.

Running Shoes Glossary
Find out construction and general terminology usually applied to footware, a list of the running shoes parts, and more.

History of the athletic sandals
In the ancient games the competitors ran barefoot. However as the Greek empire extended many athletes from colder climates came to race wearing sandals

Why defective shoes can hurt you
Why running shoes with manufacturer's defects and excessive mileage can physically hurt runners.

Footwear care for trail running shoes
Outdoor footwear lasts longer and provides greater water resistance if it is treated properly.

Choose the right walking shoes
In a walk stride, one foot is always in contact with the earth, so a shoe for walking needs special qualities.

Show me the road - lighting shoe
Bright Walk is a lifestyle shoe to run in the dark: a human-powered lighting shoe.

Futuristic footwear
The Prana shoe bonds its bioelectric delivery system to a phytovascular sock.

Running shoes developed by the Army
A new high performance running shoe which has been developed in association with the British Army. 

Self-adjusting running shoe
Imagine a shoe that features an intelligent cushioning that adjusts itself automatically and continuously.

Helium footwear for runners
The helium changes the sole firmness and thickness, by inflating three special pockets in the outsole.

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