Burning Feet


There are two types of burning feet, those that feel like they are burning, but are not actually hot, and those that are actually increased in temperature. Anything that increases the flow of blood to the feet will warm them. 

This may result from exercise, alcohol consumption, some vascular disorders, inflammation, and infection. Anything that insulates the foot can reduced heat loss and increase the temperature of the feet, for example socks, stockings and shoes. 

The false perception of "hot" feet is due to changes in the nervous system. This may occur in the peripheral nerves, spinal cord, or brain. Nerve tissue may be damages by age, impaired circulation, injury, or mechanical irritation. 

Conditions such as diabetes mellitus, alcohol abuse, and nutritional deficiencies may damage nerves and result in the feeling of burning feet. In some cases nerve damage is reversible. Your podiatrist may help to determine the cause of your burning feet, or direct you to the proper specialist. In spite of medical evaluation, the cause of burning feet is sometimes never determined.


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